Thursday, October 02, 2008


An attempt to recreate the feeling of Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Dudley"...originally wanted a bedsheet-type texture but could only track down a paper texture. Sprials evoke the neverending lullaby theme in the song and the paper texture evokes a bit of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "grunge" feel?

Friday, August 08, 2008


Spent about a few hours each night over the past few days (a majority of the time is deciding on what photos to pick), and here's the result! Not finalized yet, as I'll do a bit of editing to make it look more professional. Here's the collage of my 5 month exchange in Marseille, France!

EDIT: The second one is added, with more spacing to emphasize the photos, which I thought were too scrambled. Good? Bad? I'm actually not a fan of the lines in the back (liked the idea, not the execution).

EDIT #2: Another one, after I found some fantastic new brushes!

Anywho, off to Hong Kong tomorrow.......posts will be from there for the next trois semaines!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Energy Lines

I couldn't think of a better here we go haha.

Started off with this tutorial:, then went off a bit in my own direction with elements I previously learned. Need an opinion though, do the curvy white lines look too tacky?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My first real attempt at anything artistic.....

and based on a tutorial, of course! That's what I've been spending most of my summer doing.

It's based on a tutorial from Veerle's blog:

A great site for all aspiring graphic designers! The title in the work "Starálfur" is a song by the Icelandic Band, Sigur Ros, and the feeling of the music is like.......practically eternal bliss. If you haven't heard of them, give it a try!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh this could be magic, after all, after all.

To call Praha (Prague) my favourite city in Europe would be an understatement! Last week me and Jeff (from back in the days at Chinese school), as well as two of his friends from Schulich went to Praha. The first day, I arrived around noon. Since my phone is virtually useless outside France (can only receive text messages, thanks, Orange!), I just went straight to the Korean hostel that my friends have booked. The rest of the day I spent it exploring Prague (ie. a lot of walking around). To my delight, everything is cheap! Postcards are 5 koruny (or korunies?) usually, the equivalent of about 20 cents euro. A hotdog is equivalent to 1 euro! Definitely splurged on postcards.

The next day, with the others we went to the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad), where it was filled with tourists. It's the most French I've heard in Europe outside of France! We weren't able to see that much of the castle (time and too many people), and we headed for buying tickets at the National Theatre. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out.....and we ended watching "Cats" at one of the Black Light Theatres!

Next day Jeff headed back for Canada, while Celine and Anita went to Budapest, and I spent the rest of the day wandering around (also I didn't want to spend much). There, I found the Lennon Wall, and I signed all of our names on it!

More Photos of Lennon Wall
More Photos of Praha on Flickr

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cirque du Soleil in Toronto!

Saltimbanco returns! In August 2008. Colour me excited! Kooza wasn't as great as Mystere, but I hope the Italian flavor of Saltimbanco will add an extra touch. I also plan to go to Las Vegas again this year, so I can see ALL the Cirque shows!

Monday, March 03, 2008

"I've got your letter, You've got my song"

Recap of Spain......

Me and two girls from Greece (as well as one person from Mexico) caught the plane to Madrid, to meet up with everyone from the residence who was arriving from Portugal.  They chose to not stay at a hostel the whole time in Portugal, and opting for the bus station!  
As for Madrid, it's a beautiful city.
The large size reminded me at times of North America!  The architecture's beautiful!  Though I hear Barcelona's even more beautiful, and that would be for the next time I'm going to Spain (possibly April).
The food is fantastic as well, our first meal being at the Museo del Jamon (which means a LOT of ham)!

The second day  I took the train to Valencia to meet up with Mandy (from ACI). Walking the streets at night in Valencia was kinda shady, but I got there nonetheless. We spent the rest of the day walking, at the beach with people from the hostel, dinner (the best paella ever), and the night at a club!